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These shoes are a great

My daughter loves these timberland boots classic. She loves them so much I am buying her another pair. The boots she has are a size 10 and when I hold them next to size 10 New Balance tennis shoes the size is exactly the same. The size is also on target when compared to the Reebok brand shoes.I considered buying Ariat brand boots instead of these, however, my daughter prefers these. "Real" cowgirl boots have a leather loop at the top that goes slightly inside the shoe which rubbed on my 4 year old's legs. These Hello Kitty timberland classic boots have the loop as shown in the picture but it is flat and does not cause any rubbing.

Men's 6-Inch Basic Boot-Black Wheat

The Hello Kitty cheap timberland boots are light weight and do not have a high heel which I appreciate for young kids. My daughter can run fast in these and be comfortable all day in them. The only con to these boots is that a few of the blings on the side of the boots fell off the first week of wearing them. I used glue to reattach them and they are still attached after 8 months of regular use. Also, as the zipper area rubs together on each shoe, some threads will come lose. I clipped them off and it did not affect the boot. I also think that the boots could have a little more padding, but my daughter has never complained and wants to wear them everyday.Overall, these boots are a great deal and I highly suggest them. They hold up surprisingly well and the daughter thinks they are the most comfortable and beautiful timberland boots outlet she has. They are easy to clean as the pink material is slick. My daughter's boots have been in mud and rain puddles numerous times. She has received so many compliments on them, even after 8 months of use.

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